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Welcome to A Verb for Keeping Warm's Reverberate podcast!

Dec 1, 2018


In this first episode of Reverberate, we introduce the host and producers of the new AVFKW podcast. We also discuss what the next episodes will feature and a fascinating interview with Sally Fox about her life and work.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why AVFKW is producing a podcast
  • AVFKW Fall 2018 Lookbook
  • Sally Fox and her work as a cotton breeder and sheep farmer
  • Organic and Biodynamic Farming
  • Merino sheep
  • Colored cotton
  • Cotton breeding and genetics
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Integrative Pest Management
  • Soil health

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Produced by A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland, California