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Welcome to A Verb for Keeping Warm's Reverberate podcast!

Apr 14, 2019

At A Verb for Keeping Warm we work with many textile makers, teachers and artists. We hope to share with you some of those people and their work to inspire your own work.

Youngmin Lee is a Korean born textile artist living in the SF Bay Area who teaches at A Verb for Keeping Warm. Her work features the beautiful and intricate Korean textile art of patchwork known as jogakbo. This patchwork is mostly seen on traditional wrapping cloths called bojagi. These wrapping cloths impart the maker’s wish for happiness among other good fortune for the receiver of the gift. Each piece Youngmin makes is hand stitched with intention and delicate skill. She teaches these techniques and Korean culture around the world to share this eloquent textile heritage. Kristine and Adrienne interviewed Youngmin Lee in person about her work, how she got started making, and the history and cultural significance of these textiles in Korea. This interview was recorded in person at A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland, California.

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